CariMig 160 COMBO Mig, Self Shield, Stick, DC Tig

CariMig 160 COMBO Mig, Self Shield, Stick, DC Tig

The CariMig 160 is a 230 volt IGBT Invertor welding machine, Light, powerful and multi function. This unit features a very smooth DC output with a stable arc. Built tough. Manufactured to ISO 9001 and Euro CE standards. EMC compliant.
Mig and self shield wire function handles wires 0.6mm to 1.0mm diameter using either 100 or 200mm spools.
Stick Electrode function has excellent arc force & hot start. (Electrode lead and holder optional)

  • Suitable for GP electrodes, L/H stainless and cellulose types up to 3.2mm diameter.

DC Tig function Has a smooth stable arc and uses the scratch start technique. (Tig torch optional)

  • Suitable for welding of Stainless steels and most metals except for Aluminium & Magnesium.
  • Infinitely variable Voltage output adjustment
  • LVD, Low Voltage Device for electric shock prevention
  • +/- 20% power fluctuation and generator friendly
  • Built in feature against overloading, overheating, over/ under input voltage.

Amperage range Mig /TIG Self shield: 30-160
Amerage Range Stick: 30-130
Input current max: 25 amp
Input capacity KVA: 5.6
Open Circuit Voltage: 78
Rated output @ max: mig Tig (stick) 30% @ 160 A (30%@130 A )
Weight: 14.3 kg
Dimensions LxWxH: 450*240*340
Std: accessories included: 4m quality MIG Torch with accessory kit, 3m earth cable & clamp
Optional: Electrode lead, Tig Torch and Regulator accessories available