Plate and Pipe Cutting Machines

Our most popular machines are shown below.
For other portable plate /pipe /and gantry type CNC machines please contact Transocean Developments with your request. We have access though our contacts to a very extensive and cost effective range.

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 KC-12-Beetle Portable Plate Cutting Machine
GAZ-80100 / 1020-100
The KC-12 Beetle has all the features required for any steel fabrication shop. Lightweight, tou..
CG-11D Auto Phonix Portable Pipe Cutting Machine
80206 / 80201
The main body is made of aluminum alloy, light and portable & corrosion resistant. It’s driven b..
CG2-11G Phoenix Portable Pipe Cutting Machine
80200 / 80201
The main body is made of high strength alloy aluminum by die-casting, compact structure. This machin..