CG-11D Auto Phonix Portable Pipe Cutting Machine

CG-11D Auto Phonix Portable Pipe Cutting Machine
80206 / 80201

The main body is made of aluminum alloy, light and portable & corrosion resistant. It’s driven by motor with shift gear. It is high precision cutting machine for cutting pipes and it is very stable. Chain belt is used for connection to the pipe and cutter, providing flexible and convenient & smooth operation. Chain belt can be added or reduced and adjusted according to pipe diameter. Applied to oil, gas, water and chemical engineering projects. Supplied with: Chain, 3 seat cutting torch and 3 tips.

Technical Specifications

  • Bevel angle I.Y.V (45.)
  • Overall Dimension: 265 x 420 x 450
  • Supply Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ
  • DIA of Circle Cutting: 150 – 600mm
  • Gutting Thickness: 6 – 50mm
  • Cutting Speed: 5 – 1150mm/min
  • Net Weight: 16.00kgs

80206 Supplied with Torch tips and chain
80201 Extra 2m length chain